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Gunbarrel Schools

Profile of Niwot High School

To help you get a feel for Niwot High School, here’s a profile (as it appears on the St. Vrain Valley School District website. School

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Gunbarrel Schools

About Niwot Elementary

Nancy Pitz is the Principal at Niwot Elementary School. To help you get to know Nancy and Niwot Elementary, here’s the open letter that was

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Gunbarrel Resources

Help! My Sewer Backed Up!

The Niwot Sanitation District has a number of tips to help you solve a problem with a backed up sewer. You can contact the Niwot

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Gunbarrel Trails

The Niwot Loop | Niwot Trails

The Niwot Loop is a 6.5 mile trail around Niwot that connects to the Longmont to Boulder Regional Trail System. As the name suggests, the

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Gunbarrel Parks

Niwot Children’s Park

Sometimes it takes a village to raise a children’s park. That’s exactly what happened with the 2016 opening of the Niwot Children’s Park. Led by

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