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Life Is Local

Who we are

We’re a startup focused on sharing everything every resident and homeowner needs to know about owning a home and enjoying the local lifestyle.  

We build safe and private online communities for neighbors to connect and get the most out of local living.

Why it matters

There are millions of real estate websites to help you buy or sell a home, but almost no sites to help you manage your daily life and maintain, improve and own your home.

Our homeowner portal is free to locals and includes expert local advice and information about local life.

Life is local

Your life and lifestyle is local. 

In fact it’s really hyper-local as you spend most of your time at or near home. 

Everything you need is right around you. 

Our job is to help you find it.


Good Neighbors

It all starts with being a good neighbor. When neighbors help neighbors, the whole community thrives.

That’s why we ask neighbors to share their best advice and tips for living and owning a home in Town. 

We hope you’ll do the same.

Local Residents

It all starts with joining your local community and becoming a Local Insider.

Everything we do is designed to share the essential things you need to live and own a home in your neighborhood and town.


Local Businesses

We partner with local business owners to help you connect with your community. We’ll share and promote your best deals and feature the best and most highly recommended businesses.


We Love Real Estate!

We’re obsessed with neighborhood real estate.

That’s why we pay special attention to every home (not just homes for sale) and what’s going on with the local real estate market. 

Our simple goal is to make life as easy as possible for local homeowners by connecting them with the best resources and home service pros.

If you’re a home service pro, we’d love to talk with you about helping local homeowners.

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